Alsusuti Aboriginal Crisis Counselling Services

As an aboriginal growing up both on and off reserve and a second generation residential school survivor, Robyn's unique perspective led her to choose a career path that would allow her to give back to aboriginal communities.

Her 18 years of work experience have covered many facets of human services, from child protection to adult special needs and her varied experiences have only enhanced her counselling abilities. Holding a Masters of Social Work degree Robyn has garnered experiences from both the mental health and government sectors and is now ready to provide counselling services to the aboriginal community.  
Incorporating cultural traditions and ceremonies with contemporary counselling techniques Robyn offers a uniquely aboriginal approach, a key component often lacking in available services.

Robyn Hazard

Cultural ceremonies and services

Mindy is an active member of the aboriginal community and has been walking the spirit path for several years - learning the techniques of smudging and drumming from her native elders and pipe carriers. It is a widely held aboriginal belief that these traditional healing practices help center and cleanse individuals of negative emotions and facilitate the reconnection to native tradition and cultural practices.


Mindy Gallant-Zwicker