Alsusuti Aboriginal Crisis Counselling Services

We will Prevail!

Current communities in the Atlantic Provinces that we cover;

  • Millbrook
  • Sipekne'Katik
  • Yarmouth
  • Bear River
  • Gold River
  • Ponhook
  • Wildcat
  • Cambridge
  • Hammonds Plains
  • Glooscap

Don't see your community? Give us  a call, we may be able to add it to  our list!

AACCS offers up to 15 counseling sessions to assist you at your time of need. This Short Term Crisis Counseling services is covered by NIHB. Our agency makes it easier by bringing the service In-Community to you. This relieves the common pressure of finding available medical drives or transportation.
This service is for on reserve residents only.

The best part of our service is that we provide a cultural component. We have accredited Native Counselors, and Smudging and Drumming is used in session.

We believe by using our cultural practices we are reconnecting to practices and beliefs that have significant meaning and healing abilities for us as a Aboriginals.