​​​Alsusuti Aboriginal Crisis & Counselling Services

Therapeutic Environment
  Just like counselling services in an office or clinic, we must create a quiet and safe therapeutic environment. 

In order for this to be successful we need your cooperation in the following areas;

  • T.V, Radio, CB, Cellphone, House phone, and any other electronic devices must be turned off for the session.
  • Clients should ensure any Elders in the home are tended to prior to appointment so that they are safe and comfortable alone for an hour.
  • No visitors during the session, a do not disturb sign will be posted on doorknob.
  • Please ensure all pets are tended and put away in a separate room during session.
  • No smoking tobacco during session.
  • No drinking or drug use prior to or during the home therapy session.

We understand and respect that we are coming into your environment and that we cannot always control circumstances. Please understand it is your responsibility to ensure that you have created a safe therapeutic environment for your counselling sessions.